The last 4 cards in the Rainring study series.


Here we are at the final 4 cards. Hope you enjoyed this journey. At a

later date there may be a follow-up post by Peter Ryley, the creator

of the system.

It is not too late to register for the virtual WDA Lenormand summit

(Aug15/16). There will be 20+ speakers including myself. My

workshop will be on how to read the Lenormand cards in the 12

Houses of the Zodiac wheel.

I will continue the study series probably with the Skat system in a

couple of weeks. I will talk about the individual cards. Stay tuned.



The centred triangle 4-card layout. About a relationship.


We are a few cards away from completing the study series. This

would be a good time to demonstrate a simple 4-card layout called

‘The centred triangle’. This is a great layout to use if you want to

know where you are at in a relationship with a person. It can be any

relationship. There are a couple of ways to do this layout.

For more details please visit the article on this layout —–> Rainring website. 

I will be doing this reading on my own personal relationship.

“…. for a couple, where the apex is the typical point of meeting or harmony (Balance card at the top). Conversely, if studying a conflict situation, apex will be the point of discord.”

The Result card would be the overall condition of the relationship.

My partner’s assessment of me in the relationship is shown by the

bottom right card and my assessment of him in the relationship is

shown by the left bottom card.  🙂

The booklet didn’t say where to start laying the cards so I began

with the ‘female’ card, proceeded to the ‘male’ card and then placed

a card in the ‘balance’ position at the top. The ‘result’ card was last.

Makes sense to me.

This should be interesting. I may be in for a big surprise.


#37 Contact-Hope. <—-click the name to be taking to the post.

This card is numbered a bit different in my deck of 4-mentions. Also,

in the image the card is not in the upright position. I’ll have to ask

Peter about this. Maybe the ‘Intuition’ mention is the keyword? Ok

so I have the courage to go on. I see the light at the end of tunnel

with his role in the relationship.


#39 Deflation. <—–click name to go to post. This card is number 1

in my deck.  My partner feels that I knock him off his ‘ego’ pedestal,

ha-ha. Also, that I probably do not value him and what he does in the

relationship. Where have I heard that before? 🙂


#22 Relation. <—- click name to go to post. Ok, let’s look at what is

in harmony or what is a problem in this relationship. Hmmm, very

interesting indeed. We are first and foremost friends. I do not think

that is bad unless of course this is an issue. When couples are

together a long time they settle into a comfortable friendship for the

most part.


Well, since the other cards have different numbers I am not sure

what number this card is. The mentions are ‘Creation,

Dreams/Harmony, Exhilarated’. Peter if you are reading today’s post

could you please explain. I probably have an older version.

Looking at the image I am not sure what it is all about.

Maybe that is what my relationship is … uncertain, ha-ha.  After

further observations, I think the card is right-side up with the

‘Creation’ mention just like I laid it down. I will go with that

meaning for now. It is a green bordered card so it belongs to the

Heart group —>visual Rainring directory

Here it is —>Creation. “conception + desire = creation; the latter is

the product of fusion of the two former, also the balancer between


That folks is our relationship.  🙂


Rainring #72 Union. Rainring #73 Play of Love.


We are nearing the completion of our Rainring study series.

This is a very pleasant card and welcome in a reading. It is more

about spiritual compatibility versus the physical encounters.  In a

reading, the Union card brings situations together to produce

harmonious results.

I see this card as the dance between two people who are connected

through the song that is playing in their heart and mind. If you pulled

this card as a daily draw it reminds you to get into the ‘beat’ of