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Skat fortune telling cards – The Jacks


Skat fortune-telling cards –the Jacks. Also, there is a real life reading at the end of today’s post.

Jhearts.jpg Depicted a young person that is well-known, usually within the family circle. This card often represents the thoughts of the Queenhearts.jpg or Kinghearts.jpg as does the Page in the Tarot cards. In some cases when you see this Jack and the Queen or King are missing and depending on your question (if there is one) the J can reveal what is on the mind of the Queen or King. More times than not the Jack is a young man who is linked emotionally.

Jclub.jpg In this system, the club.jpgs lean towards the modern-day spades.jpg meanings. This card can represent a person that no one really likes because he likes stirring up people and situations. If you are asking about a favorable outcome and this Jack comes up, it can be positive but not without a struggle. As I have mentioned in previous posts the ♣’s are the communication suit. In this instance, the Jack can be an intelligent young man who is able to talk himself out of any situation (or into). Many times he is a work colleague or connected to education.

Jdiamonds.jpg The card of the young lucky man. It also represents the thought of the Qdiamonds.jpg and Kdiamonds.jpg. He would be someone that does not take things too seriously and seems to come out of situations smelling like a rose. Often he is connected to the financial world. He can even be a delivery/mail person.

Jspades.jpg The older skat meaning of this card does represent children in general. Mostly, this Jack gets a bad rap as he is associated with being a scoundrel. This Jack is not trustworthy. He is usually not truthful. If you asked a question about love this Jack will lead you on as long as he can. There will not be a full commitment. Avoid relations with him or will get hurt.

Reading: Peter did a five-card draw.  A♠ 9 7 A♣ 10♦ 

You will notice the layout ends in a well-meaning . You can read the suits first if you want to but note that using this technique the card meanings may not match totally. So, let’s try it for fun. You don’t even need to know the question. The first card is a ♠ suggesting a wall or block to progress.

The ♥ brings some much desired improvements. The ♦ is positive energy as well. Ok, the person has struggled with a situation which turned out to be a blessing in disguise. The situation continued to experience a balanced state (balanced energy probably financial). The person shouldn’t get too comfy in the situation just yet because the ♣ shakes thing up a bit. More effort is needed to establish the wanted outcome. The last ♦ brings back the balance in the situation most likely financial.

Below are the brief meanings for the cards. Here’s the question: Will Peter win his legal case against his former employer? (wrongful dismissal)

  • A spades.jpgThe card of large institutions such as court, hospitals, educational facilities, high-profile offices. REVERSED:Divorce, death and terminal illness.
  • 9hearts.jpgThe wish. This card is all about feeling and caring. It will tell you if your wish will come true based on the card beneath or to the right of it.
  • 7diamonds.jpg Card of money connected to job, work, occupation. It’s a little bit of money.
  • Aclub.jpg Decisions. Ideas. The card of authority- legal matters, papers, contracts.
  • 10diamonds.jpgThe card of financial change. Incoming large amount of money. This can cover many areas such as a windfall, a winning ticket, a bonus check, an unexpected gift of money etc.

I can use this example as none of the Queens showed up since we haven’t studied them yet. We can see a legal facility most likely a court-house. Peter’s wishes will come true about the legal case. Initially, he will be awarded a small sum of money. The final decision shows Peter will be awarded with a large lump sum of money. Peter sued his former employer for back wages. He was let go without cause. Normally, this type of situation isn’t pursued but Peter felt his employer was in the wrong. Peter received a portion of the money equalling to one month’s salary. It was decided by the judge he was entitled to nearly 12 months wages all up. The remainder of the money did come within 30 days. 

original post June 15, 2015 Ask my Cards blog