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Three card Raining reading


Let’s do a 3-card layout with the cards we have studied thus far. Before I continue I want to mention that the first card leads up to the question (recent past), the middle card is the current energy around the question and the last card is the answer. I realize that using only 9 cards limits the reading but this is an exercise in reading the cards we have up until now in the layout.

The question for the Rainring cards is as follows:

Will Erika accept the current offer on her house?


LEADS UP TO QUESTION: The Matriarch. This card shows that Erika’s emotional needs are not totally met. The Matriarch suggests Erika has been waiting for this offer but something is missing.


The question here is if Erika really wants to sell her house. It appears she is avoiding her emotional/intellectual needs. She is probably keeping busy right about now perhaps thinking about moving.

ANSWER: Flow-Singer

The last card affirms that Erika will do exactly what she intended to do. She has good footing in the situation. Flow-Singer doesn’t come out and say Erika will accept the offer on her house. I think she will continue to wait for the right offer.

In conclusion: No, Erika will not accept the offer.

Asking the Rana George Lenormand a specific question


I got a phone call from a lady that was worried about her husband’s upcoming test. I had the ➡  Rana George Lenormand sitting on my desk from the reading that I posted at my AMC blog so I decided to use it for the lady’s question.

Jane’s husband is going for an X-ray next week. She wants to know if the results from the test would be normal. That’s a pretty straightforward question which does not require any medical interpretation.


The opening card Clover lends some luck to this situation. The question is just how much luck. I read this card as fleeting positivity.

Mr. Fox has decided to appear in the reading. This card lacks clarity in such questions. Looks like something might be wrong as in not the normal he is wishing for. You either get an X-ray because they are looking for something or you get one to see if that something is no longer there.

The closing card of the 3-card layout is the Tower card. This energy is more far off into the future. Is this card a yes or no? I don’t get a comfortable yes.

I think Jane’s husband thinks this will all go away. He is absorbed in his own selfishness which in turn is isolating him from doing what he is suppose to do.

In answer to the question, I do not see a definite yes and feel that Jane’s husband’s X-ray results will not be normal anytime soon.  I should have drawn a clarification card but too late now the cards are back in the deck. 😦


Which cartomancy teacher should you choose?


Many of us did not have the luxury of the Internet when learning how to read a particular card system. There were no YouTube instructional videos. There were very little books written. Workshops were practically non-existent.

I wouldn’t want to learn cartomancy systems now-a-days. How would you even know which teacher to choose. There are umpteen YouTube videos on this topic. There are hundreds of books available on the topic as well as workshops.

I have said this time in time again once you learn to read cards you can read any deck of cards. The act of ‘reading’ is the ability to comprehend the cards’ meanings (directional imagery as well) and how to combine those meanings into some sort of sensible prediction. Knowing a little history on the deck is helpful but it doesn’t really add or take away from your ability to read cards.

Everything changes. Some people like to call this progression. Card meanings progress excluding the Tarot (in my view). I dunno. Maybe I’m stuck in tradition and I say that loosely because I do poke fun at it from time to time.  🙂

You should be informed of the traditional meanings of course and also stay open to progressed meanings. I would have a tough time recommending a teacher because I admire a lot of them. Each one has a special something they add to the learning process.

One thing that is very important is that you do not lose yourself in any one person’s system. Honor your teachers but think for yourself.



Rainring series. Card #8 Torpor


How exciting I have received the 1-mention and 4-mention Rainring decks. Thank you Peter Ryley.  I shall enjoy my journey with the cards. When I feel a bit better I will post a three-card reading.  I am very curious about Rainring’s advice on a couple of issues/situations.

I have experienced this card’s energy many times. Actually, I am fighting off a ‘bug’ right now. Time stood still for a few days. I didn’t know if it was daylight or evening. It all felt the same. When I did see the daylight my eyes hurt from the brightness. At times like this I just surrender. I usually do not  mask the symptoms with OTC’s right away. I was in a zone that’s for sure. It was a feeling of utter exhaustion. My experience certainly fits under the umbrella of the Torpor card.

One-card daily draw reading:

There is no doubt that you will not possess the energy to complete all the tasks at hand today. If you push yourself to the limit you may come to an understanding that you would have never known had you stopped beforehand.

You will discover an answer to a question while in the middle of doing something totally unrelated.

Is that a fox in the distance background or one of those dang desert dogs? 

Card #9 around Oct 25th