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Rainring #14 Obsession


Observation: If you take a close look at the woman it appears as though she is releasing a butterfly. There are the roses of passion on the sides of the card. Is that a crow sitting on a rose in the upper right corner? Or is it just a bird with a merry song? Birds represent the soul as do butterflies. The latter represents transformation as well.

Luckily it’s not a black butterfly. My mum (Eastern European folklore) always said if you see a black butterfly it portends death. I have experienced this. I don’t know if I experienced it because I attached my mum’s meaning to the sighting or if there is some truth to this superstition.

If the butterfly was not black mum would say that changes are coming. These changes could be anything.

The traveller is meeting up with all kinds of deep-seated situations. I wonder if the traveller is learning anything?

So, if you asked the cards why you are not getting over the departure of your loved ones the Obsession card is telling you to get back into yourself. The ebb stage of grief is a normal process and where it becomes a real problem is holding onto that stage. Need to let go and enter the flow stage as depicted by the butterfly.



Relationship question


Jackie is not certain whether her relationship with Steve will work out. They recently got back together after a cooling period of three months.

She wants to know if the relationship will go smoothly this time. This question is not about the past.  

The opening card, DOG, seems to lend a friendly energy. It can also reveal Jackie’s commitment to the relationship. The Dog card is very supportive.

The cute dog is heading for the MOUNTAIN card. Look out! There will be some issues during this adjustment. This is understandable as couples tend to argue about what each other did while broken up.

Jackie may find that Steve is not willing to budge on many things. Some of these thing could be the reason they broke up.  He’s a tough cookie to crack.

The closing card, Park/Garden, coupled with the Mountain card strongly suggests a ‘shared’ problem. Will they overcome their differences? The feeling I get with this last card is that Steve will ‘come out’ regarding some matter. Things will be brought to surface for all to see that is if he even wants to be seen with Jackie in public.

The question was specific. I would say probably not to the question. We are asking about the now-future and the Mountain card is in the now-future. It will not be a smooth adjustment.

Rainring #13 Submission


The next card in the Rainring series is #13 Submission.

How many times have you felt like a scarecrow in certain situations? You know you are recognized in some ways and yet you feel helpless because you cannot do anything.

Daily draw: There are times when it is better to fill your ego with straw much like the Scarecrow in Wizard of Oz. You can pose a threat just by being there and yet, you do not have to participate by voicing your opinion.

Other times, people will pick your brains to the point that you just give up. For the most part, when egos go to battle only the fittest survive. The lesson here is to know when to fight (resist) and when to quit (submit).

This card reminds me of the scarecrow I used to have in my organic garden. For many years it kept the birds away. One day I found it completely destroyed with shredded remnants of what was his head. Unfortunately it was a sitting duck. It had arms but they just hung on the side of the body unable to move or protect the scarecrow in the final hour. I was really upset at what happened to it. Of course, it wasn’t real but it felt real to me because it was part of the organic garden view for many years. I also gave him a name. He was part of the family.  He weathered all the winters but he could not weather the attack when it finally came.  😦

So, if you picked the Submission card as an advice card it is telling you to pick your battles. Many of those battles are within yourself. Find your footing in all situations crossing your path today. Know when to give in.



Rainring #12 Invasion


The next card is the series is #12 Invasion.

I’m sure you have heard the expression, “Wrong place at the wrong time.” Yes, we all have had experiences dumped on us when we weren’t looking. Most of us have been sucked into other people’s drama. Many times we are left holding the bag.

If we asked a single question of the Rainring cards and drew Invasion it could mean many things depending on the question.

  • Love/relationship. Why isn’t he/she returning my call? Don’t be too pushy. When he/she is ready they will call.
  • Work. Will I get the promotion?  No, you are too bossy.

Perhaps the above is too simple an answer but in many cases our questions are simple to begin with.

Where am I at this point in my life?  Are you caught up in other people’s stuff.  Forcing yourself on other people will only frustrate you when they are not so eager to have you in their lives.

On the flip side you could making progress unblocking on your Heart Chakra.

Do you identify with the traveller or the woodsmen? 

Symbolon cards probe the Ice Princess syndrome


(This is a real life reading from 12 years ago).

A friend of mine wanted to do a reading with the Symbolon cards. I explained to her that these cards aren’t about future-telling but about remembering the past. That in itself is a loaded statement. Her history in relationships not having longevity prompted her to get this type of reading.  She wondered why “the soul mate relationship” had not arrived at this point in her life.

“What inside of me is preventing me from having a loving relationship with a man?”

Note: The cards are not identified by name with only Astrological glyphs. Being an Astrologer, I can identify the essence of the card meaning by interpreting the symbols prior to the actual reading of the meanings. I do suggest studying the LWB.

She shuffled the cards for a while, since they are very large and she has small hands she shuffled by moving groups of cards. She selected three cards and placed them face down in the 3 positions, A, B, C.

Position A describes the issue or problem. The first card is called EVERYDAY LIFE IN THE RELATIONSHIP. Astro glyphs Virgo & Libra, Mercury & Venus. Just the name of the card hits a nerve.


The keyword phrases are lack of thrill, dullness, relationship obligations, sameness, erosion, lack of incentive.

The phrase that stuck out was “lack of incentive”. In the image we have a man and woman working away doing chores but they are together. The feeling of the card is -work. We talked about that for awhile. She explained that she is starting to lose interest in ever finding another relationship. How is this an issue or problem? Simple. If she hasn’t the desire or drive to work at having a relationship -then she is preventing herself because she doesn’t want to work at it. Why has she lost interest is the question? Is she not able to get emotionally or physically involved, as depicted by the image.

Position B describes how to solve the issue or get through this problem/dilemma. The second card is DECEPTION. Astro glyphs are Virgo/Pisces, Mercury/Neptune. Virgo again, ruler of the 6th house of everyday work.

The key phrases are self-deception, foul play, swindle, sleight of hands, real crook, order in chaos.

The word that stuck out was self-deception. Was she fooling herself in some way? She needed to work towards a balance. Does she know why a relationship is important to her? The way to solve her issue is to remove the confusion which is the sleight of hands- illusions. Look at the guy in the image of the card that is looking at the trickster( on the left). Looks like gambling to me. Placing a bet on the outcome that may or may not be favorable. Taking a chance is a risk -to risk is to gamble. To get through this problem within herself she must at least -try and to stop deceiving herself as well.

Position C describes the outcome or the result. Card three is (gasp) the ICE PRINCESS. Astro glyphs Cancer/Capricorn, Moon/Saturn. The image on this card is breathtaking and disturbing at the same time. The Moon rules feelings and Saturn hardens them.

Look at this card….magnificent. A single tear roles down the right cheek of the princess as she holds a mirror in her right hand. It looks like it is cracked. In the background is a castle on top of a narrow icy hill. She is beautiful in her sorrow or grief.


The key phrases are hardened femininity, the lonely child, strict mother, feeling of guilt/depression.

Hardened femininity. This was right on. My friend is emotionally toughened. Remember the original question “What inside of me is preventing me from having a loving relationship with a man?” The Ice Princess card says it all – my friend needs to thaw out, be less insensitive, less hard & more loving. What inside of my friend is preventing her from having a loving relationship with a man? The answer is so dead on that it is scary. She needs to unfreeze her emotions.

The Symbolon triggers memories within oneself. Memories are the answers we already know.

UPDATE: The woman of this reading worked on herself for many years. She had a tough time opening up to relationships that crossed her path. Eventually, she settled into a relationship with a man who was going through the same emotional unthawing. Together they helped each other to achieve a comfortable point in their lives. She continues to be the Ice Princess but now is more like a Slush Princess now.  🙂