Rainring #11 Withdrawal


Today’s lesson is card #11 Withdrawal.

Please read the article below to gain some understanding of the Withdrawal card because I’ll be doing a little extra something below. One thing I want to mention is about the story position. In my view, it illustrates the essence of the card meaning. Peter please comment if you wish to add more to my statement. If anyone else has any thoughts to add please comment.  🙂 

NOTE: To all reading my post please read Peter’s comment below.

I think I will write about a few combinations with the cards we have studied so far.  You can do a daily draw with 2 cards. Actually, you can do whatever pleases you. I would continue with the 1 card draw and pull another card placing it face down. The second card may expand on the first one or it could provide a mini outcome of the first one. The latter part is applicable to only some cards because many cards already contain and outcome/answer.

I will select a few cards from the first 10 we have studied thus far to give you an idea of how to blend meanings. I would suggest you pull out your cards and look at them if you have a deck. If you don’t have a deck you can order it from the links at the very bottom of the post.

Flow-Singer + Withdrawal 

Let’s suppose your daily draw card is Flow-Singer. You already know this is a card of a balanced perspective. Your day starts out smooth. You find yourself involved in a situation that tests the serenity you are feeling. The advice of the Withdrawal card is suggesting that you don’t get too involved. It may not be your problem so it’s probably a good idea not to make any decisions if the situation calls for one. It’s ok to pull back and let the situation work itself out. Well, that’s just one way to look at these cards. Lots depends too if you had something on your mind when pulling the cards. The duo could be answering your question.

Torpor + Withdrawal

If you drew these two cards it will be a day of reflection for sure. The cards recommend that you take it easy.  It could be a day of recuperation. You could be under the weather today battling a virus. Maybe your relationship went belly up recently and you are feeling the emotional pain. If that be the case the Withdrawal card is suggesting that you embrace this feeling and not to blame yourself.

Clarity + Withdrawal

This is an interesting combination.  I think this duo is pointing out that you will come to some realization today about yourself or a situation. You could be in a ‘dark’ place with your thoughts. Even though one can possess clarity it doesn’t mean it’s always a good thing. Being honest with yourself isn’t always a fun experience.  You may want to reach out to someone today just to discuss your feelings. Maybe you will learn you did not get the job you applied for and  have to face the fact you were not as good as you thought.

Combining the Rainring cards can be a seamless process. Many of you already have experience blending meanings of cards. Some of the Rainring cards explore inner depths that some of the other systems do not have. Enjoy your studies!

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  1. The direct address to purchase Rainring items is http://www.rainringcards.com/Shop.aspx.
    I will make two comments on the above. First, all the 18 cards carrying a black number 1 or 2, of which Withdrawal is one, have a snag in the format Seaqueen and I have agreed for the CCC presentations: these cards are read in two ways: at south, under the image, we have the UNBALANCED mention. The names of these cards, Torpor, Withdrawal etc refer to that imbalance. These mentions describe emotional problems , neuroses, of one kind or another.
    HOWEVER, in the four-mention pack, these cards also have (at west) a Balanced meaning – ‘Ebb Heart’ in this case. To distinuguish between the two, the key question is: is the behaviour referred to compulsive – always the same, even when totally wrong for the present situation? – or is it a freely chosen and entirely appropriate reaction to these unique present circumstances? Example: it is quite common behaviour for (in particular) men to start a new relationship immediately a previous, even longstanding one has ended. This is almost certainly (neurotic) avoidance behaviour. When you have been hurt like that, the healthy response is to withdraw and focus on healing the wounds created, rather than runnning away from yourself into another relationship. Withdrawing, in this case, would be emotionally healthy withdrawal behaviour, or Ebb Heart. On the other hand, if I continue to withdraw from men today, in my forties, because a boy rejected me when I was twenty, something is wrong.

    Second, as a person coming new to Seaqueen’s work, I would want to have more detail on how a ‘daily draw’ card works. Is this a card drawn early in the morning, intended to reveal the strongest influence to be expected between then and the next draw, 24hours later? If I have a powerful and vivivid dream, could the daily draw card refer to this, rather then any waking experience? Finally, is it part of this method to draw a retrospective card at the END of the designated period, to see how the actual matched with the predicted, or to supplement it in some way. Perhaps you have already covered all this somewhere, Seaqueen?

    The readings: at Rainring, we invariably use a minimum of 4 cards for readings (see Rainring instruction booklet sold with the cards), but I feel that Seaqueen is working with a method with which she is very familiar, and the results both stand up on their own terms and overall, sit well with my own sense of the Rainring elements. When you have a full pack available, what we DO do sometimes is to start with a single card which then becomes the centre of a spread (4-card or 9-card usually) designed to AMPLIFY the original card.


  2. Thanks for your comment Peter. One-card draws are usually done after breakfast. Sure, your dream could show up if you had it very much on your mind at the time of shuffle. Usually, the advice is just potential probabilities /influences during the waking day. I wouldn’t say 24 hours, however, you could get woken up in the middle of the night with some emergency which happened to shown up in the cards.
    My method is many people’s method. It was done to show the art of blending meanings using very simple hypothetical examples. I feel practicing this method helps a student to hone their skills in the art of reading cards and then they can progress into more complex combinations.
    Would you like to share a 4 or 9-card reading with us?


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