Rainring #12 Invasion


The next card is the series is #12 Invasion.

I’m sure you have heard the expression, “Wrong place at the wrong time.” Yes, we all have had experiences dumped on us when we weren’t looking. Most of us have been sucked into other people’s drama. Many times we are left holding the bag.

If we asked a single question of the Rainring cards and drew Invasion it could mean many things depending on the question.

  • Love/relationship. Why isn’t he/she returning my call? Don’t be too pushy. When he/she is ready they will call.
  • Work. Will I get the promotion?  No, you are too bossy.

Perhaps the above is too simple an answer but in many cases our questions are simple to begin with.

Where am I at this point in my life?  Are you caught up in other people’s stuff.  Forcing yourself on other people will only frustrate you when they are not so eager to have you in their lives.

On the flip side you could making progress unblocking on your Heart Chakra.

Do you identify with the traveller or the woodsmen? 

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  1. In all the cards with black 1 or 2 at the top, the main mention – Invasion, Withdrawal, Torpor – is unbalanced. Set 1 involves being too introvert, set 2 is that of being too extrovert. When I was first reading with my home-made pack, I regarded such cards as signalling neurosis. Then one day I asked for an advice reading and the card Inhibition (set 1) came up. How can the cards be recommending compulsive shyness? I asked myself. I had to think through the whole question of what these unbaanced cards meant. The Unconscious does that: it is absolutely not bound by what you have consciously set up! I was able eventually to resolve this dilemma by realising that the problem was not a given introvert or extravert behaviour, but a COMPULSIVE element to such behaviour. The person who is the life and soul of the party, who is at ease even with the shyest, most mistrustful individual present, is a godsend to any who lack the confidence to do their own launching out into the stream of social interaction. The problem is NOT warm, extrovert, reaching-out behaviour. Such behaviour becomes a problem when it comes from an insensitive, overriding, compelled place, and is not about you, the shy person, but about my need to have my worth constantly confirmed by others.

    Another example: the hardest is when you are single: you really need to be with someone, yet if you make it too obvious, that’s an instant turn-off. Being too pushy, as Seaqueen points out, is likely to get you nowhere. Not an easy one to deal with!
    Peter @ Rainring


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