Rainring #13 Submission


The next card in the Rainring series is #13 Submission.

How many times have you felt like a scarecrow in certain situations? You know you are recognized in some ways and yet you feel helpless because you cannot do anything.

Daily draw: There are times when it is better to fill your ego with straw much like the Scarecrow in Wizard of Oz. You can pose a threat just by being there and yet, you do not have to participate by voicing your opinion.

Other times, people will pick your brains to the point that you just give up. For the most part, when egos go to battle only the fittest survive. The lesson here is to know when to fight (resist) and when to quit (submit).

This card reminds me of the scarecrow I used to have in my organic garden. For many years it kept the birds away. One day I found it completely destroyed with shredded remnants of what was his head. Unfortunately it was a sitting duck. It had arms but they just hung on the side of the body unable to move or protect the scarecrow in the final hour. I was really upset at what happened to it. Of course, it wasn’t real but it felt real to me because it was part of the organic garden view for many years. I also gave him a name. He was part of the family.  He weathered all the winters but he could not weather the attack when it finally came.  😦

So, if you picked the Submission card as an advice card it is telling you to pick your battles. Many of those battles are within yourself. Find your footing in all situations crossing your path today. Know when to give in.



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  1. What else is there to say! I often think that things are NOT simple in the psyche. Anyone who lives either by the maxim ‘always resist’ or by that of ‘always give in’ is, I think, going to have big trouble one day. But perhaps also that’s what’s so fascinating and challenging about wanting to live with, not against life: hard and fast rules must give way to flying by the seat of your pants. Talking of which, here’s a tip for those situations you can’t resolve by thinking out the answer: empty all the coins out of your purse or pocket, having designated one option as heads, the other as tails. Then go with whatever the coins choose for you.


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