Rainring #19 Abandon plus Example of a Rainring reading


The next Rainring card in the study series is #19 ABANDON.

Example of a one card draw advice: If you chose the Abandon card today you could be involved in a variety of situations whereby you need to surrender. This can involve your emotions. You could experience a total physical release during intercourse. On the other hand, you could let go of some pent up frustrations caused by a challenging situation. You could find yourself involved in a creative process with others which requires submission.

Below is Peter’s example of how to read the Rainring. 

Seaqueen and I have been discussing for some time how to suitably mark the festive period. This Rainring series has been running for several months now and I felt it would be appropriate to publish the full text so far of the story which I created for my illustrators to use in order to bring Rainring to life. Seaqueen then suggested that I should also do a revision on how to read the Rainring cards. In the end, I’ve decided to show rather than tell. So what follows is a short cameo taking you in a very abbreviated format into the area of life where we work with Rainring, and giving a sense of the outcome of that work.

Rainring, like any other cards, can be used for divination. However, this is not what they were mainly designed for. Rainring is for understanding about yourself; for developing self-awareness. Most people at the present day find that large amounts of energy are taken up just with meeting their essential needs: food, clothing, keeping a roof over their head and so on It is difficult to find the time and energy to look within. But, where this IS felt to be of value, Rainring can help. To illustrate this, I would like to present a short recent reading to serve as an example of this process at work.

The querant, ‘Nicole’ (with whose permission the following is reproduced) has had a difficult and unsatisfactory experience at work and has now left her job. She wants to know how this unsatisfactory experience could be bettered in the future. So we use a small spread to ask what work environment would be appropriate for her.

A Nicole (as an employee)

Nicole (not her real name) is a woman who speaks her mind. Rather than being cautious, calculating or diplomatic, when feeling the need she will readily go and confront even senior management with whatever may be bothering her at work.

B Suitable employer

She needs an environment where her boss(es) will not be fazed by this attitude. That is, that whoever manages her is secure enough in her/himself to be able to allow Nicole to sound off without feeling threatened and slapping her down, and sufficiently open to be able to take on board whatever content is valuable in Nicole’s feedback.

A & B The Stranger, Umpire Heart

Two things about The Stranger: He (this is a male-sided energy, but either gender can be Strangers) is either a lone wolf or does his own thing – never a follower of the party line. Second, he has a wide view, sees things from all sides. So the interaction which would best suit between Nicole and her future employer will be one where she is given a lot of room, and plenty of scope for initiative.

Central card: Result

We have taken a supplementary here because the first card is complex and best left out of a spread intended to be accessible to everyone. The second (Passion, Umpire Heart) on the contrary is straightforward. It means simply that if Nicole is able to secure a position in a set-up having the above characteristics, she will be able to work passionately. This is heart umpire, so the passion has no sexual reference, but is about warmth and mutual respect between colleagues, or staff/management in this case.


In normal Rainring fashion, a journey of self-discovery is involved here. A more complex reading might have repeated this spread for the job the querant recently left, to give a basis for comparison. However, Nicole felt that she was very clear about those issues, so this ‘post mortem’ was not carried out. We therefore focussed on the kind of future work environment which would suit her – we didn’t aim as high as an ‘ideal’ job, but one certainly which would deliver a positive experience for her.

My intention is not to look at this spread in depth, as this article is aimed at the general card reader, rather than at people already committed to working with Rainring. I hope to have shown the type of reading done in Rainring, and the sort of benefit which this can bring to users of these cards.

Thanks to Peter the above reading. I hope you find it helpful. 

➡ ➡ ➡ As promised, Peter Ryley has written a summary of the cards we have studied thus far. It will be a valuable (lengthy) article to gain a better understanding of the story.

Attraction (The story of Rainring) cards 1-19 will be featured in the next blog post.


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