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Feedback please


Thank you to all that are following along in the Rainring cards study series.

Peter Ryley and I have been working collaboratively to bring you this series. I set aside 15-20 minutes a week to study the card and write the post. I am not a master Rainring  cartomancer but I am a very experienced and knowledgeable cartomancer.  So, I am learning with you at the same pace.

Here’s a question for you. Should I create a FB study group instead? That way we can share stories, ask questions, etc., privately.  Let me know (via FB PM) because we might be facing a hiccup in continuing on in this manner of presenting the cards.   We, Peter and myself, are open to suggestions. Thank you.

Rainring #26 Possession


So, how is everyone enjoying the study series so far? Not much action in the comments section. What would you like to see with the card uploads? 

If I selected the Rainring Possession card in the morning it would tell me that I would be pursuing one of my artistic passions. This is not always easy to do because sometimes ideas come in waves and overwhelm me. One thing I have learned is when the ‘urge’ comes it needs to be channeled.

Many times I wake up during the night with an idea. Since I have my Macbook beside (this is a no-no in Feng Shui 🙂 ) I enter these thoughts into Pages or Microsoft Word.

How has the Possession card played out in your life?

Skat fortune telling cards – The Queens


The final card of the Skat fortune-telling cards system.

The card of the female asking the cards a question. A close lady friend, the partner of the K , the woman of the household. She is sensitive, giving and full of affection. You can rely on her.

Q ♣The card of the female relative. The mother, grandmother, in-law, the “other” woman. She tends to be more emotionally indifferent than the Q. She can be the a widow , old woman, wife of a friend or even the cashier at your favorite store. Her personality is reserved and she is not overly friendly.

The card of the fair-haired woman. She is a sister, girlfriend, co-worker, woman with good financial know how. This card is the partner of the K but more on a business or fun level.

Q ♠The card of the dark-haired woman. She is an aunt, aging woman, co-worker, in-law, someone’s wife. This card brings loyalty to a relationship with fulfilled obligations. She is the type of female that is a hard worker.

original post Ask my Cards blog Aug 4, 2015

Rainring #25 Grief


In continuation of our study series Card #25 Grief.

Our traveller is almost caught up despondency if it were not for his dream suggesting a ray of hope.

I know grief all too well. I’m sure many of you have had similar experiences such as I have. Losing a loved one, special pet and all time favourite job can send us plummeting into a dark space.

Each loss can transport you to the world of grief. Sometimes the grief passes shortly and other times it lingered for months or years. Other people don’t always know how to help those in a grieving state. It is the individual’s journey. The important thing is not to close yourself off from those extended arms or kind words. Also, it is vital to work through the grief. I know when my mom died suddenly and unexpectedly my emotions froze. I just could not believe she left because dad was failing at that time as well. When dad died four months later the grief hit me real hard. It was a well over a year before I began to thaw out and begin the grieving process for mom.

If you drew this card in the morning it is indicating that you should recognize your grieving process. That’s half the battle. Go ahead and have a good cry. You will feel much better.

If you feel ok and there is nothing to grieve about this card could be warning you that something might occur that will sadden you.

If you are asking about a person and their actions toward you the Grief card is advising you that the person is working through some profound painful issues. Be compassionate.

Rainring #24 Hyper-Activity


The next card in the Rainring cards study series is Hyper-Activity. Have you ever been wound up to the point of being all over the place? It is like a boost of adrenalin. You try very hard to slow down but seem to be a rushing mode.

If you asked a relation question, this card is warning you to slow down with your expectations of your partner. If you are asking about finding a love relationship, this card is advising you that you are just trying too hard. Let’s suppose you are experiencing a break-up. The Hyper-Activity card is suggesting to think things over before making any impulsive decisions.

In work situations, you can expect a real unsettled time where everyone is stressed out. There could be lots of pressure to excel. For example, your boss could be on your case about increasing your sales.

As a daily draw card, there is a warning to pay attention to what you are doing so that you are not careless with the overall results you want to accomplish.

Any thoughts on this card? Please comment below. Student participation is more than welcome.