Rainring #23 Passion



From time to time we find ourselves in situations where there is an intense attraction for a person, situation or activity. It can overtake our moral compass. Only the wise can rise above this feeling especially in the man-woman, man-man or woman-woman connection. I say wise because it takes a very aware person to assess the predicament. Knowing that in the long-run the connection will end due to a conflict in life direction could tempt you beyond control.

Passion is experienced many ways not just in human relationships. I am passionate about cartomancy. It warms my heart. It brings me different feelings than the passion I have for my grandchildren.

Overall the Passion card is filled with favourable energy. I am reminded of a quote by Alfred Lord Tennyson,”Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.” This quote represents energy not being contained unlike the story of the traveller.

If Passion was you pick of the day card, you will be wrapped up in someone, some situation or some thing.

You may experience much excitement while on vacation.

You could come up with a new approach to an old problem in your workplace and get people all stirred up about it.

Don’t be shy about sharing your experience with this card in the comments section.

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