Rainring #24 Hyper-Activity


The next card in the Rainring cards study series is Hyper-Activity. Have you ever been wound up to the point of being all over the place? It is like a boost of adrenalin. You try very hard to slow down but seem to be a rushing mode.

If you asked a relation question, this card is warning you to slow down with your expectations of your partner. If you are asking about finding a love relationship, this card is advising you that you are just trying too hard. Let’s suppose you are experiencing a break-up. The Hyper-Activity card is suggesting to think things over before making any impulsive decisions.

In work situations, you can expect a real unsettled time where everyone is stressed out. There could be lots of pressure to excel. For example, your boss could be on your case about increasing your sales.

As a daily draw card, there is a warning to pay attention to what you are doing so that you are not careless with the overall results you want to accomplish.

Any thoughts on this card? Please comment below. Student participation is more than welcome.

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  1. Hi Seaqueen,
    thanks for some thoughtful comments on the last few cards. It’s such a pleasure to see you using these cards as a mirror: sometimes to look at yourself, other times to look at how all of us go about handling our lives.

    Some Rainring cards are difficult, but some are very easy: I doubt if a single reader here has not found themselves trapped in moments of hyperactivity like a hamster on a wheel they can’t get off. Perhaps the name of that snake forcing the slow-down is ME, Fibromyalgia, a stroke, an ultimatum from your partner, the sickness of a neglected child…?

    Seaqueen, I would like to add to your invitation to your readers to share their experiences and / or thoughts on this. [Or indeed, on any other card which has struck a chord – positive or negative – with them].

    Unlike the tarot, Rainring is not hundreds of years old, known and used everywhere on Earth. So it DOES matter to us to have feedback from you – and please, that does NOT mean you must only say ‘how lovely!’ – it means that ANY sincere response to any of these cards is of interest to us, as indeed also of potential benefit to others.


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