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Rainring #30 Wanton. #31 Patriarch. #32 Projection.


First of all, I would like to send to Andrew Kyle McGregor of the Hermit’s Lamp metaphysical shop in Toronto during this very challenging point on his path. A fire has destroyed much of the valuable contents of his shop. Please send healing energy to him and those involved.  

SPRING EQUINOX bonus: Our next three cards in the Rainring study series are Wanton, Patriarch and Projection

Card #30 Wanton

Card #31 Patriarch

#32 Projection

Your turn.


  • Use these three cards in layout with the question posed, “How can Mrs X support Mr X in becoming a better parent?”
  • Study the card meanings and record any other insights you may have.
  • What is the advice of the cards in connection to the question?

You can submit your findings in the comments section or send me a PM on FB.  🙂

Rainring #28 The Hero & #29 Self


Today’s post will include the next two cards in the Rainring study series.

Rainring #28 THE HERO

One must never forget about ‘the hero’ within. He can emerge at those times when all seems lost. The gender is not so important. The man in the card is a representation of the energy of this card.

On the other hand, this energy can be overpowering without positive direction. Is there someone in your life that is demanding something of you? Read the rest of this entry

Rainring # 27 Despair


Today’s card is a common experience for many people. Normally, it will not bring a person to the point of literally wanting to die. In some cases, one can face failure in some situation and experience this strong feeling. I won’t get into the probabilities of some of the other meanings but they are listed above in the write up.

If I drew this card in the morning before my day began I would prepare myself for some major let down. Sometimes, you just wake up feeling ‘off’ and ‘give up’ trying especially when you put your heart and soul into some situation.

As humans, we have a multitude of emotional levels which are possible. Some brief, some lingering and some constant.

The image reminds me of a gambler that has placed his life savings on a bet and lost it all. You face a grave illness and follow all the treatments prescribed only to find out it didn’t help. There are many examples in life when the despair energy can surface. 


The 4-card Centred Triangle spread reading


As promised here is the 4-card Centred Triangle spread reading. I am at the same point of study with the Rainring system as those of you that are studying the cards. So far, we have covered 26 of the 85 cards. As you can see in the image there are cards (Contact:Hope /Deflation) we have not studied. I will add my thoughts on the cards based on the website’s write up and whatever impression I get from studying the image within the card.

The question is about a relationship between a man and woman. Is there a problem between them and if so, what is it? The question can be about any relationship.

The top card BALANCE (apex). This spot can reveal the nature of the problem within the relationship. Questions are not usually asked about relationships unless there is a problem on some level. The problem can be multi-layered.

BALANCE (top card) :ARROW: TORPOR: The feeling I get from this card is that the relationship has come to the point of fatigue. Perhaps the man and woman are tired of it the way it is at the current time. Someone is bored. The couple is missing the zest within the relationship they once had.

FEMALE (lower left card) :ARROW: RELATION: This spot of the layout reveals the female energy at play.  It seems there is more interaction coming from the woman. She might be giving more to the relationship than the man. She could also be connected to many other people in her life and he is not such a great priority.

MALE (lower right card) :ARROW: CONTACT:HOPE. We have not studied this card. It would reveal the male energy in connection to the man-woman relationship. We already know the couple is at the TORPOR point.  He has not given up on the relationship.

The next two cards from Rainring website:

Contact : Hope
intervention from without or within enables one to feel that a desirable or bearable outcome is possible; the illustration on the card- Intuition: sensing the inner nature of things, being in touch with the intangible; hunch, presentiment

RESULT (middle card) :DEFLATION: Interesting indeed! The middle card is the summary of the issue(s) between the man and woman regarding the relationship. What a great image. 🙂 Looks like the man is at the mercy of the woman. He should tread lightly. Or, the man needs to come down from his ego platform and experience some of the things the woman does.

a pin-prick to the balloon of the ego! self-image collapses

Hope you enjoyed today’s post. It was good practice. The only way you can really get acquainted with the cards is to try them out in a reading. The reading need not be complex using umpteen cards. This simple 4-card Centred Triangle spread is perfect. The above interpretation is my view of reading the cards and my view is not your view. Do try it out!