Rainring # 27 Despair


Today’s card is a common experience for many people. Normally, it will not bring a person to the point of literally wanting to die. In some cases, one can face failure in some situation and experience this strong feeling. I won’t get into the probabilities of some of the other meanings but they are listed above in the write up.

If I drew this card in the morning before my day began I would prepare myself for some major let down. Sometimes, you just wake up feeling ‘off’ and ‘give up’ trying especially when you put your heart and soul into some situation.

As humans, we have a multitude of emotional levels which are possible. Some brief, some lingering and some constant.

The image reminds me of a gambler that has placed his life savings on a bet and lost it all. You face a grave illness and follow all the treatments prescribed only to find out it didn’t help. There are many examples in life when the despair energy can surface. 


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  1. Yes, I would definitely go along with Seaqueen’s observation that feelings, including despair, occur at many different levels. Perhaps, in saying that despair is about hopelessness, we should point out, as Seaqueen suggests, that there is such a thing as ‘mini-hopelessness’ – it lasts half a day, not half a lifetime.
    Some of you may notice how despair is found on the card Sensation and reflect that this represents the material world. The implication is that in the orange group we are furthest from the indigo energy of a card such as Soul. Even if you are not specifically religious, you may well recognise that when a person’s values are not simply based on material wealth and worldly advancement, they have greater inner resources. I was thinking the other day about the life of the black slaves in the southern USA. How is it possible to not die of despair when you not only have to work like a donkey every day of your life, but don’t even own yourself? Do the songs these people sung not perhaps give us a clue to the answer: despite (who knows, maybe even because of?) such levels of deprivation in their lives, they had what I want to call a spiritual dimension – they were moved by something other than possessions, status, self-image, ambition…
    Ultimately, I personally view the only antidote to Despair as being Hope, which is a subject for another, later card..

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