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Rainring #36 Formation


“What is your present situation aiming to teach you? This is life-lesson time.”

Sometimes in life you just have to pull back and look inside. It is not always connected to work and projects but other situations that touch your heart.

Principal meaning #3 above in Peter Ryley’s write up about the card spoke to me. In my personal life, a very challenging situation came up which is pulling at the heart strings of my memories. I won’t get into it here but I did a post at Ask my Cards about it.

Rainring #35 Balance


Lack of balance: When your ‘inner’ life is in turmoil your ‘outer’ life (chaos, confusion) will mirror this. 

Today’s card advises you to ask yourself in what way you might be ‘off’. Avoid making important decisions if you are ‘off’.

There is something else to think about. We all have masculine and feminine energy within us. This concept is more acceptable now-a-days. Even back in the 1980’s masculine energy was defined by the gender of male and feminine energy was defined by the gender female. 

Rainring #33 Achievement


The next card in the Rainring study series is #33 Achievement.

This card possesses a feeling of satisfaction after one’s goals are fulfilled. Those goals need not be huge. They can be minor goals leading to the ultimate goal. Goal setting is important in that you cannot jump from point A to point D without completing B and C to some degree.

How does this card fit into our daily routine? Well, that’s very easy because little goals are accomplished every day whether you realize it or not.

If you drew this card as a one card pull it would advise you that it is within your power to reach your target of the day. It can be something mundane or it can be something like coming to terms with an emotional dilemma. Maybe you will decide to look at a situation objectively and devise a plan of action.

As we study the individual cards we gain more understanding. When we get to doing more advanced layouts the cards will tell us a story within those positions. You need to ‘know’ the cards to ‘know’ how to read them.

Take a few minutes each week and review the card. If you are keeping a journal of each card as we go along make notes on each card when you actually experience its teachings. Reading Peter’s write-up and my blurb is not enough. To fully understand each card you need to remember an experience in your life where you ‘lived’ the card.

I ‘lived’ this card when I created a Horoscope layout cloth using gel markers. I felt a sense of accomplishment when it was completed. I had to think about what I wanted, how I was going to do it and then commit to finishing it. This is a creative example of how I ‘lived’ this card.

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