Special offer details on the Rainring cards.


Special offer details

You have purchased the original Rainring pack, together with the current form of the instruction booklet.

This pack can be used in two ways:
EITHER 1) As an 81-card one-mention pack:

A] Discard the 6 instruction cards, discard the eight umpires (those with the combined green & yellow surround) and the ‘big four’ (three with a grey surround, one with none at all)

B] On the remaining 81 cards (the ‘grid’ cards) read ONLY the mention under the picture on each card

This means that you have converted the 4-mention pack into a 1-mention, just like the one offered for interactive play on the web site.

There is nothing inferior about this version, any more than the tarot, for example, is inferior because only one side of each card carries writing.

OR 2) a) as a 94-card 4-mention pack.
To do this, discard instruction cards number 1,2,3,5 & 6, but RETAIN number 4. You will use this as the ninth (reversal) umpire – as follows:

OR 2b) Simply ignore the above, use 8 umpires, and lose some reversal capability: there is no reason why this can’t be done – you will use a small amount of functionality, but this is still Rainring! We used this for years before we came up with the idea of reversal umpire.

NOTE: Some years ago we decided to create this additional reversal umpire functionality. For a number of years, with our own packs at home we operated exactly as outlined above. There are now, since a couple of years ago, packs available which incorporate the new umpire as illustrated. However, in order to re-format the original pack to include this, I have to break open the old packs and re-box them. This is why it’s worth my while to offer this very low price on the original pack, as all I have to do is add in an instruction booklet and put them in an envelope. As for you, you pay a lot less, but get only slightly less.

Finally, please note that for the MEANINGS of the cards, users of all versions of Rainring are asked to use :arrow: 

https://rainringcards.files.wordpress.com/2018/05/booklet-directory-online- v2.pdf  (Sorry, I need to figure out how to upload this link…stay tuned) 

Try this let me know if it works. https://rainringcards.files.wordpress.com/2018/05/booklet-directory-online-v2.pdf     OR

➡           click here

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