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Rainring #44 Interchange


The summer schedule for the Rainring study series will include two cards every other weekend commencing next week.

I am thinking of doing a reading with the Rainring cards. Why not make a comment with what type of reading you would like to see or any other suggestion? You can comment after this blog post or private message me on Facebook.  I will wait for feedback on this.

Below is the information on card #44 Interchange.

Rainring #43 Rapport


It’s that time again to continue with the next card in the Rainring study series.

Rapport would be a great daily draw card. It would be a joyous day reconnecting with friends and loved ones. The conversations between the people would take a trip down memory lane.

If you wondered about a new love interest there is probably a déjà vu feeling to the connection.

What could go wrong? Not too much. Even if you feel slightly off balance no one will even notice because your outer personality will not reflect the inner unrest.

It will be one of those days where you float effortlessly through your experiences. Remember, to spread the good energy even to those you think are opposed to you.

Note: We are studying one card at a time. My comments usually reflect a daily draw or some other insights I may have. This is only part of the Rainring study series. Working with the cards in various layouts will test your interpretative skills. I think short readings are on the agenda in the not too distant future.

Today is the summer solstice.

Wishing you many blessings!!


Part 2: Rainring #41 Legacy


And so, we continue with the Rainring series by studying Part 2 of the story and remainder of the cards.

The next card is #41 Legacy.

What is a legacy? For many of us the meaning of this word is associated with inheritance or as being part of one’s history.

Legacy also covers our past experiences which lays the foundation of our personal history. Thinking about all the things we can do in the future paves the way for our legacy.

Hope you are enjoying your studies thus far. 🙂