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Rainring # 53 Attraction. Explosion #54



The Attraction card is straightforward. There is a

mutual exchange on an emotional level and that’s

always nice. The warning within this card is not to

imagine the other person’s feeling are equal to

your feelings.

So, when will you know which meaning to use? I

would check the card to the left to look for clues.

This may not be the ‘right’ way and maybe it’s all

about using your intuition in such a situation.

This card will bring some relief. In most situations

this is very welcome. In some ways it is a let

down as well because you might want the

situation to last forever especially if it is exciting.

If you have ever suffered from vertigo (mentioned

above) you know this experience leaves

you feeling  helpless. Also, you grab at anything

close by to find some balance. When passion

arises between people let’s hope it is love and not

anger. 🙂 

Rainring study series resumed. Cards 51 and 52.


Welcome back to the Rainring study series! 

Our next cards in the Rainring study series are #51 Vision and #52 Need. Please read the lessons below. I will reserve my comments for the next two cards which will be available Sunday, February 2, 2020. If you check the ‘page’ link at Ask my Cards blog under Rainring study series there will always be an update.

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