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Rainring #56 Will-Denial


The next card in the series is #56 Will-Denial.

Please read through Peter’s lesson above and get acquainted with

the essence of card #56.


Don’t forget to study the other mentions which are written on the

card. Those are keywords and as with most keywords they can be

expanded to fit the situation. The core meaning of the keywords

remains in tact.


This energy is great if you are trying to kick an addiction or bad

habit. It is not so great when you prevent or do not acknowledge a

genuine emotion. In life, situations arise when our emotions freeze

up. One example would be when there is a death of a relationship.

Here we deal with a mixture of emotions especially if you are on the

receiving end of the break-up.


If I chose this card as my guidance card for the day I would assess

any emotional reactions I might be confronted with throughout the

day. Moods can change at the snap of a finger. Stop and ponder on

the reason behind the feeling.


The next lesson will be uploaded in a week’s time.




Rainring #55 Sensuality


Hi everyone. I thought I would change things up a

bit and introduce the next card in the Rainring

study series. I may try the one card per weekend

and see how it goes.

Questions? PM me at FB  Comments? Below today’s post.

If you pulled this card today, it doesn’t mean you will be having wild and crazy intimate relations, lol. There is a big difference between sexy (SX)and sensuous (SS). (I don’t want to use those keywords too much because the ads following the post might contain inappropriate messages. I have no control over this unless I pay to remove such ads.

I have shortened the words or derivatives of the words to SX and SS. Some of you may be fantasizing about the scene in the image. Others can get the same type of satisfaction when deeply immersed in a creative project. Those that experience SS in their projects or other things that awaken the various senses.

Maybe you booked a massage for today. Maybe you will bake a cake. You could go swimming. Some people emit SS just by talking to you. SS is a state which requires little props as does SX. A woman can wear certain items of clothing to create the illusion of being SX but may not experience the art of SS.  She could wear her pj’s and her SS would still be there. I think you can get the drift of my point here.  🙂

One of the mentions is ‘sated’ (left side of 4-mention card). We have satisfied our needs and desires. A good meal can do that. A good roll in the hay 🙂 can bring about that feeling. You can feel the essence of this card when completing a painting or a project you have been working on. SS comes in various areas of our life.

As a stand alone card as a one card pull examine your plans for the day. When this card falls with other cards look to the adjoining cards and select the meaning which blends in with the theme of the other cards. This does take a bit a practice but you can do it!

Doing something that pleases you today.

Excuse any typos