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Story of Cards #1- #60


Cards #62 and #63 will be uploaded in the next few days. Peter

would like you to read the story thus far. 

Today’s post is the pdf link below. Part 1 is repeated and the first half

of part 2 is attached.  Note: when you click the link below you will be

taken to another page where there is the direct link to the pdf.

➡ Story(cards 1-60)



Rainring #61 Input


And what a week it has been.

Please enjoy reading about the next card in the Rainring study series

#61 Input. Heed the message.

Stay safe! Do what you can to limit the spread of the C virus by

following the advice of the medical advisory team in your area.

Speedy recovery if you are unwell.  

Rainring #60 The Youth


Today’s card is #60 The Youth. This card reminds me of the

Lenormand Child card and the Zigeuner Wahrsagekarten Baby card.

However, the image resembles the 9♣  L’Allegria card from various

sibille style decks as well as part of the story position.   

The overall feeling the The Youth card is a reckless or rash attitude.

It’s kind of like doing something in the spur of the moment and

thinking of the consequences later. 🙂 We have all been in situations

like especially in our earlier years. In a reading as the outcome card

The Youth card warns you to think about what you are about to do.

Sure it may be a great idea at the moment but is it. Someone might be

‘egging’ you on so think twice before acting. The important thing is 

not to think too long or you may miss a fun opportunity.

Rainring card #59 Charisma


The next card in the Rainring study series is #59 Charisma.

For those of you following the Rainring series let me know in the

comments section or FB PM me and let me know if you want a short

layout using the cards we have studied thus far.  I am sure you have

some questions so please include those and I will do my best to

provide information which leads to some answers.