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Rainring #64 Ebb. #65 Flow


Has it been 26 days since I lasted posted a card? I have received

the next set of 4 cards today from Peter. I think I will feature cards

#64 and #65 and a few weeks the next two. This gives you ample

time to study them.  Plus, you can review all of them up to this point

to see if you remember what the mean in a reading.

We all have limitations placed on us which affect our lifestyle.

Maybe you don’t feel like studying but it is the best time to get your

focus on something other than what has been going for weeks.

The first few weeks of this lockdown I lost interest in a project I was

working on for almost 3 months. Luckily, my passion has returned

after I came to terms with what may or may not be going on in our

beautiful world. The ebb and flow of life just like the cards we will

study today. Read the story positions first and then the principal

meanings followed by what the cards mean in a reading. Think

about ways you have experienced these two cards. Jot down a few

points in your journal or diary.

Are we going through an ‘ebb’ in our lives right now? Sure feels like

it. Take advantage of this time to think about who you are under the

current circumstances. Have you changed how you think? Are you

even thinking for yourself? I hope you are in total control of your

thoughts! When the ‘flow’ comes again will you remember what you

learned right now? Have faith and courage. Stay Safe!


#62 Defence. #63 Pain.


In continuation of the Rainring cards study series we have two cards

this week. #62 Defence and #63 Pain. You can expect the next card

#64 in a couple of weeks.

How appropriate for the situation we are going through at this time.

It is important to stay balanced and in control and not let fear colour

your view on life. Stay safe everyone and follow the guidelines set

out by your community.  

Don’t lose hope! xoxox