Rainring #69 Tides .Rainring #70 Beauty.


Card #69 The Tides. As a reminder each card has 4 mentions along

the outer part of the card. It is a good idea to get acquainted with

all of them and maybe you will discover some of your own in the

process. Those are keywords are there to help you understand the

card plus to trigger a reaction within you combined with the image.

Each word, as a rule, should mean the same thing to everyone. This

is not always the case. It all depends on your experience of the

word. Is this wrong? Not at all.Β 

To me tides rush in and subside. If you are not looking or careful

you could get swept away. This is similar to an emotional melt

down which we have all experienced to some degree. It is like feast

or famine (sort of πŸ™‚ ) From the image, I see the person being

control in the midst of the huge waves. It reminds me of the 2 of

Pentacles in a way.

Card #70 Beauty. How will this card play out in your reading?

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