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Vincent Pitisci’s Celtic Cross + Keywords. Part 2/2


Vincent Pitisci’s Celtic Cross + Keywords. ➡ Part 1/2

In continuation of the last post we will look at the staff cards of the Celtic Cross. If you have downloaded the free printout you will notice the cards are at a slant. Since I am right-handed I will probably slant them the other way (Robin Wood cards). In the image you can see that I followed Vincent’s method with the Golden Dawn cards.

➡ In the previous post I forgot to mention the keywords for the suits according to Vincent. Also, I wrote only one keyword (according to the downloadable printouts) for the Minors in the last post. If you go to his YouTube video channel and locate Tarot card meanings Part 1 The Minor Arcana you can see many keywords which branch out from the main ones.

  • Swords: thought
  • Pentacles: the physical
  • Wands: the spirit  (passion)
  • Cups: emotion 

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Card #7 is the client’s attitude towards the question. This position is all about how a person really sees their question. Here we have a 6 again which we know is perseverance. The cups stand for emotions. Maybe the client is stuck in the past with regards to the *question. There could be some emotional history to overcome in the RW 6 of Cups.

*Card #1 is the question about the publication of a book. 9 of Cups- emotional attainment. The RW deck illustrates the concept of wishes fulfilled.

The last three cards of the staff are the Major Arcana.

Card #8 represents timing.  The GD Star card’s keyword is direction. Is it a good time to move forward? (remember the opportunity in the 2 of Cups- position 6) This could be a sign that choices need to be made. More clarity is needed for the direction of this goal. Are the planetary transits in the client’s favour?

Card #9  covers the long-range goal or total picture. The GD Tower card’s keyword is disruption. The road to success is not without challenges. Wishes to publish the book could be dashed to the ground. The client should prepare for a rude awakening. Changes can occur midstream. Not so favourable. Is he doing this to himself?

Card #10 is the prediction. The GD Devil card’s keyword is False Truths. The client has a fear of success. This will hinder him unless he overcomes it. He needs to get out of his own way. It could be that deep down inside he is kidding himself about ever wanting to publish the book.

In summary, I do not see the success of the book being published until the person takes a long hard look at what he really wants and why. My best advice for him is to look at his fears. His true intention needs to be in line with his highest good.

The challenge is in the 6 of Swords – intellectual perseverance.




Vincent Pitisci’s Celtic Cross + Keywords. Part 1/2


Today I want to share Vincent Pitisci’s view on the Tarot card meanings and his altered version of the traditional Celtic Cross. ➡ KEYWORDS.

I am featuring the Golden Dawn (GD), 1978 © U.S. Games systems, Inc.  and the Robin Wood (RW), 1991 ©Llewellyn Publications.

The blank Celtic cross printout is available ➡ Free download sheet.  This sheet does not include the meanings of the positions but you can find them on Vincent’s YouTube channel ➡ Videos  I don’t normally lay the Celtic cross this way but for the objective of today’s comparison post I did.

In Vincent’s method he cuts the deck in three piles and flips over the top cards. He selects the card which is the most suitable for the question and proceeds to lay the card beginning with it. The other two piles are discarded. Below is the image from the cut. I only cut the GD and continued with the layout matching the RW cards. Here we have 10 of Cups, 2 of Pentacles/Coins and 9 of Cups.  I chose the latter because the question is about the success of a wish.

The wish/question involves the publication of a book. The 9’s are about attainment according to Vincent’s keywords on that downloadable sheet. Link in first paragraph.

The Celtic cross with both the GD and RW decks.

Ok, let’s begin with the first two cards. 

Card #1 is the question. We already know it is represented by the 9 of Cups. The RW deck illustrates the concept of attainment. Its meaning is all about an emotional accomplishment.

Card #2 is the challenge or something to overcome. The meaning of the 6 is perseverance. The RW 6 of Swords shows the concept of moving away from problems. What does all this mean? It means the person needs to overcome things which will cross their path in order to achieve their goal of publishing a book.

Card #3 is all about current efforts (top). What is the client doing in preparation of reaching this goal. The 5 represents a change. The RW 5 of Cups illustrates emotional defeat. This is a change.  The person needs to put the past behind them and stop dwelling on what was lost in the process of publishing the book. Maybe he gave up but somewhere within him lies the original passion.

Card #4 represents the main focus (bottom). In other words it is the immediate goal or some sort of short-term achievement which comes from addressing card #3 change/5 of Cups.  The 2 meaning is all about choice. The RW 2 of Swords clearly illustrates this concept. In the image though the woman appears to be sitting on the fence.  The way I want to read the advice of this position is that once the change is understood from position #3 a choice in direction can be made.

Card #5 represents the assets (left side) of the client according to Vincent’s method. What advantages are around the client. The 7 meaning is experience. Amazing! The RW 7 of Pentacles depicts this concept very well because a lot of work has already been done and the person is waiting for some results.  So, this means the client has a wealth of information in this book.

Card #6 represents opportunities for the person (right side). We have another 2 and we know this is all about choices.  The RW 2 of Cups illustrates this perfectly. So what is the opportunity? We don’t know yet because it is still coming. In my view, it looks like it will make the person very happy. Maybe he will collaborate with someone else to get the ball rolling in publishing the book.

I really like the way Vincent’s Celtic cross version has played out so far. Please comment below if you have any questions.

continued in Part 2/2

Can the Tarot answer a practical question?


I still have my original mini Tarot which saw hundreds if not thousands of readings since the early 1970’s. I carried this small deck in my purse all the time. I was ready to read the cards anywhere if asked. 🙂 

Decks published in those days have withstood the test of time. You can see the size of the deck in comparison to the pen. Not sure about the scribbles on the Ace. I think MAM means March, April, May which should be June, July, August because the Cups are associated with the water element. MAM would be an Ace of Wands. I think I see JJA in pencil on the top of the card. I can’t remember why I put MAM on the card in the ’70’s. Whose system was that? 

I tend to reserve readings with the Tarot for questions that are more profound. Today, I am going to ask a quickie practical question to see if the cards answer it. Maybe they will tell me I need to give my head a shake and move on to the next question, lol. 

Simple question: Will my Christmas craft show on Saturday be successful? We all know what that really means.

Ok, so how are we going to read these three cards? Well, the Star card is embraced by two cup cards. This is a good sign for emotional issues. The King of Cups tells me I’ll be in control of my emotions  🙂  and that’s a good thing. The Ace of Cups hints that success is highly possible, although, it would be just the beginning stages. Hey, that’s ok with me, too. The Star card reminds me of my intention or goal. I think the entire experience will inspire me which means there will be an interest in my very cool handmade items.

These three cards are saying ‘most likely successful’ to me and not a 100% yes. The reason I say this is because the Ace has not progressed through the suit. The Major Arcana card tells me much is out of my hands and that the Universe will add its special thumbprint on the entire experience. It will good! Some wishes will be fulfilled. The King of Cups just spoke to me and said, “Go with the flow.” Seems like he is flowing on that cement chair on top of the water. 

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