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La Vera Sibilla deck – Viaggio


The first card of the Sibilla style cards study series. This one is from the La Vera Sibilla deck. Vera translate to ‘real’. Viaggio translates to journey/trip. 

The Viaggio card has a man sitting on a horse heading on a trip. In some decks the horse is racing and in others trotting. He is a well dressed man with an intention. 

This card can suggest a person who is coming or leaving the situation.  If this card is beside the Significator change is in the air. There could be a busy time ahead with some sort of restructuring. If this card falls after the Significator there is a good chance the person is leaving or planning to exit a situation. This can come in many forms. It can actually be a trip. Falling before the Significator it could signify an opportunity coming to either travel or receive some long awaited news. 

If this card fell reversed in a layout  it would indicate some sort of delay in travel plans. It could even be that an expected visitor will cancel or reschedule. In relationship questions the person may leave and not come back. If it falls after the Significator it can suggest the person postpones plans. If, before, then someone else does the postponement and it affects the Significator directly. For example: a friend planned to visit and then changed their mind. Keep the question in mind if it is a shorter layout. In a GT type of layout look at the surrounding cards. The GT would be huge 🙂 but it can be done. I would do 9 x 5 + 7 = 52.

The next card will be featured at some point but what I think I want to do is gather up all the sibilla style decks so that I can provide the names of them which have similar card. I’m still thinking of an easy peasy way to introduce these cards. I would rather not post one card at a time so I will group them together. Since I already wrote this post I will publish it. The Viaggio card is in various decks.

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