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Symbolon cards probe the Ice Princess syndrome


(This is a real life reading from 12 years ago).

A friend of mine wanted to do a reading with the Symbolon cards. I explained to her that these cards aren’t about future-telling but about remembering the past. That in itself is a loaded statement.ย Her history in relationships not having longevity prompted her to get this type of reading.ย  She wondered why “the soul mate relationship” had not arrived at this point in her life.

“What inside of me is preventing me from having a loving relationship with a man?”

Note: The cards are not identified by name with only Astrological glyphs. Being an Astrologer, I can identify the essence of the card meaning by interpreting the symbols prior to the actual reading of the meanings. I do suggest studying the LWB.

She shuffled the cards for a while, since they are very large and she has small hands she shuffled by moving groups of cards. She selected three cards and placed them face down in the 3 positions, A, B, C.

Position A describes the issue or problem. The first card is called EVERYDAY LIFE IN THE RELATIONSHIP. Astro glyphs Virgo & Libra, Mercury & Venus. Just the name of the card hits a nerve.


The keyword phrases are lack of thrill, dullness, relationship obligations, sameness, erosion, lack of incentive.

The phrase that stuck out was “lack of incentive”. In the image we have a man and woman working away doing chores but they are together. The feeling of the card is -work. We talked about that for awhile. She explained that she is starting to lose interest in ever finding another relationship. How is this an issue or problem? Simple. If she hasn’t the desire or drive to work at having a relationship -then she is preventing herself because she doesn’t want to work at it. Why has she lost interest is the question? Is she not able to get emotionally or physically involved, as depicted by the image.

Position B describes how to solve the issue or get through this problem/dilemma. The second card is DECEPTION. Astro glyphs are Virgo/Pisces, Mercury/Neptune. Virgo again, ruler of the 6th house of everyday work.

The key phrases are self-deception, foul play, swindle, sleight of hands, real crook, order in chaos.

The word that stuck out was self-deception. Was she fooling herself in some way? She needed to work towards a balance. Does she know why a relationship is important to her? The way to solve her issue is to remove the confusion which is the sleight of hands- illusions. Look at the guy in the image of the card that is looking at the trickster( on the left). Looks like gambling to me. Placing a bet on the outcome that may or may not be favorable. Taking a chance is a risk -to risk is to gamble. To get through this problem within herself she must at least -try and to stop deceiving herself as well.

Position C describes the outcome or the result. Card three is (gasp) the ICE PRINCESS. Astro glyphs Cancer/Capricorn, Moon/Saturn. The image on this card is breathtaking and disturbing at the same time. The Moon rules feelings and Saturn hardens them.

Look at this card….magnificent. A single tear roles down the right cheek of the princess as she holds a mirror in her right hand. It looks like it is cracked. In the background is a castle on top of a narrow icy hill. She is beautiful in her sorrow or grief.


The key phrases are hardened femininity, the lonely child, strict mother, feeling of guilt/depression.

Hardened femininity.ย This was right on. My friend is emotionally toughened. Remember the original question “What inside of me is preventing me from having a loving relationship with a man?” The Ice Princess card says it all – my friend needs to thaw out, be less insensitive, less hard & more loving. What inside of my friend is preventing her from having a loving relationship with a man? The answer is so dead on that it is scary. She needs to unfreeze her emotions.

The Symbolon triggers memories within oneself. Memories are the answers we already know.

UPDATE: The woman of this reading worked on herself for many years. She had a tough time opening up to relationships that crossed her path. Eventually, she settled into a relationship with a man who was going through the same emotional unthawing. Together they helped each other to achieve a comfortable point in their lives. She continues to be the Ice Princess but now is more like a Slush Princess now.ย  ๐Ÿ™‚