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Lenormand Tree card combinations


The Lenormand Tree card represents one’s well-being as in health. It can also be your state of mind. Today’s post will not be about predictions on specific health issues that is to be left to professionally trained medical people. We can inform the client what the cards say in the broadest sense. It all depends on your relationship with the client. It is up to the reader to set boundaries on this topic.

The two card combinations in a line can be influenced to a degree by the card(s) following the duo. I’ve given a few examples of trios.

  • TREE
    + fish: Financial situations are well-rooted or have a good foundation. Followed by Lily: peace of mind over finances. Or followed by Mouse: It’s not as bad as initially thought to be.
    + Clouds: Lack of clarity around the person’s state of mind. Followed by Star: Clarity returns. Or followed by Cross: Anguished thoughts
    + Stork: Changes can bring back stability in health related situations. Followed by Mountain: an issue returns. Or followed by Sun: happiness with results
    + path: A pending decision connected to health situation. Followed by Coffin: Leads to futile outcome. Or followed by Child: renewed hope
    + Snake: Someone working in medical field. Followed by Letter: News from a doctor. Or followed by Fox: Get a second opinion
    + Scythe: Sudden pain. Followed by Clover: Short-term situation. Or followed by Birds: Anxiety over physical condition
    + Whip: Discussion over certain findings. Followed by Tower: Check up a medical facility. Or followed by Bouquet: All ends well
    + Dog: Concern over a friend. Followed by Sun: Unfounded worries. Or followed by Scythe: Sudden change in condition of friend.
  • + Bear: robust health. Followed by Key: No issue that cannot be solved. Or followed by Mouse: Feeling very tired
    + Anchor: solid well-being. Followed by Letter: No changes in condition. Or followed by Stork: Minor issues returns
    + Coffin: Changes needs by seeking additional information. Followed by House: Family member assists you. Or followed by Path: A significant choice in the offing
    + Cross: Feeling under the weather due to a recent incident. Followed by Mouse: This too shall pass. Or followed by Mountain: A setback requires faith

When studying cards around the Tree card keep it simple and always leave your client on a high. I prefer not to answer specific health questions. However, questions like, “Are my test results ok?” can be answered. Even then if you see something not quite right don’t alarm the client. You could be wrong.

Relationship question


Jackie is not certain whether her relationship with Steve will work out. They recently got back together after a cooling period of three months.

She wants to know if the relationship will go smoothly this time. This question is not about the past.  

The opening card, DOG, seems to lend a friendly energy. It can also reveal Jackie’s commitment to the relationship. The Dog card is very supportive.

The cute dog is heading for the MOUNTAIN card. Look out! There will be some issues during this adjustment. This is understandable as couples tend to argue about what each other did while broken up.

Jackie may find that Steve is not willing to budge on many things. Some of these thing could be the reason they broke up.  He’s a tough cookie to crack.

The closing card, Park/Garden, coupled with the Mountain card strongly suggests a ‘shared’ problem. Will they overcome their differences? The feeling I get with this last card is that Steve will ‘come out’ regarding some matter. Things will be brought to surface for all to see that is if he even wants to be seen with Jackie in public.

The question was specific. I would say probably not to the question. We are asking about the now-future and the Mountain card is in the now-future. It will not be a smooth adjustment.

Asking the Rana George Lenormand a specific question


I got a phone call from a lady that was worried about her husband’s upcoming test. I had the ➡  Rana George Lenormand sitting on my desk from the reading that I posted at my AMC blog so I decided to use it for the lady’s question.

Jane’s husband is going for an X-ray next week. She wants to know if the results from the test would be normal. That’s a pretty straightforward question which does not require any medical interpretation.


The opening card Clover lends some luck to this situation. The question is just how much luck. I read this card as fleeting positivity.

Mr. Fox has decided to appear in the reading. This card lacks clarity in such questions. Looks like something might be wrong as in not the normal he is wishing for. You either get an X-ray because they are looking for something or you get one to see if that something is no longer there.

The closing card of the 3-card layout is the Tower card. This energy is more far off into the future. Is this card a yes or no? I don’t get a comfortable yes.

I think Jane’s husband thinks this will all go away. He is absorbed in his own selfishness which in turn is isolating him from doing what he is suppose to do.

In answer to the question, I do not see a definite yes and feel that Jane’s husband’s X-ray results will not be normal anytime soon.  I should have drawn a clarification card but too late now the cards are back in the deck. 😦


Alexandre Musruck Lenormand Oracle Cards: 3-card layout


Today’s post features Alexandre Musruck’s delightful Lenormand Oracle Cards.

Background: Helen telephoned me on her morning break and asked me to ask my cards if her sales will get better as the day goes on. She was worried about meeting her weekly quota.  No quota no commission.

Will Helen’s meet her weekly quota by the end of her shift?

My first impression was yes the sales will increase. In fact, they might be doubled to what she expected. I felt she would experience a sudden burst of sales primarily from women with an agenda. In other words, women who knew what they wanted and needed little ‘sales’ persuasion.

Helen called me after her shift. She proceeded to fill me in about what happened at work saying it was very quiet in the store.

….she started feeling ill (Snake) thinking she wouldn’t meet her quota. After coming back from her second and last break a group of women entered the store.

….she told me she became real nervous (Birds) because they looked like models. (Helen sold cosmetics but only for six months). The women approached her and told her exactly what they wanted. It was the easiest sale she ever made.

Now, those of you that buy good quality make-up know that it is very easy to drop a hundred dollars for mere basics.

Helen exceeded her numbers for her weekly quota.