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One way to read the Kipperkarten in the location layout.


Where is my iPad lightning charger cable & power adapter (they were attached) located within this house?

You  can’t get any more specific than that when forming a question. Lets see what the Kipperkarten have to say. I custom designed a layout for this question. Also, I drew one extra advice card as seen the image.

The top three cards represent the upper level. 24-27-4

The middle three cards represent the main level 12-32-31

The bottom three cards represent the lower level 16-20-13

I will read three cards across with no mixing or matching as in diagonals etc. I suppose the most favourable cards would suggest the cable is on that level. With Kipper cards, though, there are certain cards to represent certain rooms in the house so let’s see if they come up.

The objective of this reading is to find the cord/charger. It would be wonderful if the cards were direct but in most cases you have to work at finding the answer.

24-17-4. Theft-Gift-Meeting 

The thief has shown up but I want to read this card as the actual ‘losing’ of the cord/charger which most likely happened in the upper level. I am wondering if there is a token of appreciation involved like gifts that were brought back from my partner’s Australian trip. I’ll have to go look again. We had several conversations in the upper level about this cable/charger.  I’m not getting a resounding yes for this level.

12-32-31. Rich girl-Grief-Short Illness

Never mind what these cards are actually saying. Are they positive enough to indicate that the main level is the location. Sure not getting that feeling. I had to laugh because the man in the grief card looks as upset as my partner. He uses the iPad I am more of a MacBook kinda of girl. In this trio the last card stands out. It reminds me of pills or medicine so maybe the cord/charger is in an area where the vitamins/pills are kept.

It was on this level we discovered the second charger/cable went missing. Also, the main level doesn’t feel well, lol, so I think the cards do not favour this level.

16-20-13 Thoughts-House-Rich good man

I want to read this lower level as being favourable for the location. Why? Well, the House card showed up and it is flanked by the good gentleman which is positive energy. He is looking directly at the house so that confirms the cable/charger is in the house and not in the vehicle.

I get the feeling more thought needs to be given to the lower level. Maybe my partner absent-mindedly placed the item somewhere and forgot. Yay let’s blame him. 🙂

I always put the cords belonging to electronics in the exact same reserved spots. This is something my dad taught me. He said if you put your stuff back where it belongs your stuff will always be there. Mind you I have replaced decks of cards. 🙂

Did you notice that the Significators did not appear in the reading? This suggests that neither one of us have the cord/charger on us as in near the vicinity of our physical body (my purse, his duffle bag). 

ADVICE CARD: #25 High Honors – a card of recognition.

If this is the advice then I am convinced the charger/cable will be located but not until I retrace all the steps I took in the house. It is beyond me that this item is nowhere to be found, It’s like it vanished into thin air. I will continue to look but you know as well as I do that most of the things we misplace are staring us in the face all along.  My money is on the lower level. 🙂

What do you think?