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The last 4 cards in the Rainring study series.


Here we are at the final 4 cards. Hope you enjoyed this journey. At a

later date there may be a follow-up post by Peter Ryley, the creator

of the system.

It is not too late to register for the virtual WDA Lenormand summit

(Aug15/16). There will be 20+ speakers including myself. My

workshop will be on how to read the Lenormand cards in the 12

Houses of the Zodiac wheel.

I will continue the study series probably with the Skat system in a

couple of weeks. I will talk about the individual cards. Stay tuned.



Rainring #72 Union. Rainring #73 Play of Love.


We are nearing the completion of our Rainring study series.

This is a very pleasant card and welcome in a reading. It is more

about spiritual compatibility versus the physical encounters.  In a

reading, the Union card brings situations together to produce

harmonious results.

I see this card as the dance between two people who are connected

through the song that is playing in their heart and mind. If you pulled

this card as a daily draw it reminds you to get into the ‘beat’ of


Rainring #71 Joy


In continuation of our study series we will be looking at card #71

Joy. This card’s image reminds me of the Zigeuner Wahrsagekarten

(Gipsy cards) Merriment card.

Music and dance are so therapeutic in one’s healing journey. If you

drew this card today it is a reminder not to take things too

seriously. It is a day of ‘letting go’ of all those worries you may have

on your mind. Maybe you will be celebrating something today.

Enjoy your day to the fullest!