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Which cartomancy teacher should you choose?


Many of us did not have the luxury of the Internet when learning how to read a particular card system. There were no YouTube instructional videos. There were very little books written. Workshops were practically non-existent.

I wouldn’t want to learn cartomancy systems now-a-days. How would you even know which teacher to choose. There are umpteen YouTube videos on this topic. There are hundreds of books available on the topic as well as workshops.

I have said this time in time again once you learn to read cards you can read any deck of cards. The act of ‘reading’ is the ability to comprehend the cards’ meanings (directional imagery as well) and how to combine those meanings into some sort of sensible prediction. Knowing a little history on the deck is helpful but it doesn’t really add or take away from your ability to read cards.

Everything changes. Some people like to call this progression. Card meanings progress excluding the Tarot (in my view). I dunno. Maybe I’m stuck in tradition and I say that loosely because I do poke fun at it from time to time.  🙂

You should be informed of the traditional meanings of course and also stay open to progressed meanings. I would have a tough time recommending a teacher because I admire a lot of them. Each one has a special something they add to the learning process.

One thing that is very important is that you do not lose yourself in any one person’s system. Honor your teachers but think for yourself.