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5 card ADVICE layout – Gipsy cards


I used this 5-card advice layout quite often at the Ask my Cards blog. To view some of the posts ➡ click here

When card positions in a layout are defined the cards become more tailored to that position. One way to look at this is that the card is in a room of a house. It needs to get acquainted with that room and the reaction is recorded by via your interpretation. We have five cards situated in five different rooms. Let’s suppose the last room is called RESULT and you see a whole bunch of chaos going on. In the room ADVICE TO FOLLOW you can see a solution or way to by-pass this utter chaos. Cards in positions could be viewed as limited but I think you get their maximum effect.  Sure, they can lend their energy to cards beside them and in some other criss crossing techniques.

My gypsy-spirited method of understanding these cards is from

meanings passed down to me. The best recipes are handed down and

there is always a secret or two which you will never  find in 

books or other online resources. I do share these secrets  from

time to time.  🙂

Through my own experience and knowledge of the cards I have difficulty following someone else’s structured view on them. I respect all views. If you are a beginner then by all means study under a mentor.

Today’s reading involved a question by a couple contemplating some kitchen renovations. They have gotten quotes and narrowed it down to one particular contractor. Their question is whether or not they will be satisfied with the result after the renovations are completed.

The above image shows the defined meanings of each position and include the cards which were drawn for this question.

The below image are the actual Hungarian gipsy cards.

  1. Basis or foundation of question. The DESIRE card speaks about the couple wanting to renovate the kitchen according to their vision of what they hope the contractor will deliver.
  2. What you know about the situation. The JUDGE card reflects their final decision on which contractor they want to select. Their choice is an educated selection and the person they picked will go by the book. This means there could be issues as you can not always go by the book when doing renovations because so many other things need to be factored. Here is a good example : the same couple hired a person to create some wooden stairs in their backyard. The old stairs had rotted away. The person went by the book for sure. The stairs were perfect mathematically but where off a bit due to the imperfections of the landscaping around that area.  Perhaps this is some of the underlying anxiety depicted in the last card. Sometimes, people who go by the book don’t factor in everything. Yes, your work is perfect but you can’t put perfect on imperfect you need to adjust, modify or recalculate.
  3. What you are not seeing. The MERRIMENT card indicates the couple’s insecurities about being happy with the end result. They are not totally optimistic and going into it with hesitation .
  4. Advice to follow. Actually, before you study this position look over at the last card so that you know which way to read it. As you can see, FALSENESS sits in the result position.  The LOVE card is a bit challenging to read given the last card is negative in nature.  It could be saying they should learn to love the results even though the renovations are not exactly what they envisioned. There could be many reasons for this. Sometimes, renovation projects are started and then other things need to be adjusted or factored in to get the job done. This could be something simple or more complex.
  5. Result. The FALSENESS card addresses whether they will be satisfied. I do see a partial satisfaction but it will not be in keeping with what they had hoped. Pretty much all the cards are positive except this one. The advice card offers suggestions on how to handle this. The bottom line is that they will learn to love the renovations when they are said and done. There is an element of self-delusion in the last card. Perhaps there is an underlying distrust due to various reasons. If the last card was Misfortune or the Enemy I would tell them to reconsider their choice.