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Rainring #56 Will-Denial


The next card in the series is #56 Will-Denial.

Please read through Peter’s lesson above and get acquainted with

the essence of card #56.


Don’t forget to study the other mentions which are written on the

card. Those are keywords and as with most keywords they can be

expanded to fit the situation. The core meaning of the keywords

remains in tact.


This energy is great if you are trying to kick an addiction or bad

habit. It is not so great when you prevent or do not acknowledge a

genuine emotion. In life, situations arise when our emotions freeze

up. One example would be when there is a death of a relationship.

Here we deal with a mixture of emotions especially if you are on the

receiving end of the break-up.


If I chose this card as my guidance card for the day I would assess

any emotional reactions I might be confronted with throughout the

day. Moods can change at the snap of a finger. Stop and ponder on

the reason behind the feeling.


The next lesson will be uploaded in a week’s time.